Woodbridge Island

Woodbridge Island - Tecworks Fibre Infrastructure

Key requirements

  • Fibre Infrastructure
  • Fibre to the Home
  • Security Cameras

To deliver fibre infrastructure to an upmarket housing estate, all cable to be delivered below ground to create minimal disruption, complying with stringent body corporate requirements for reliable, unobtrusive infrastructure.

  • World class fibre infrastructure to deliver digital services to the home at Wood Bridge Island services for 342 homes.
  • Detailed consultation and planning
  • Minimal disruption for home owners
  • Clear Project timelines with detailed project planning
  • Reliable and cost effective systems implementation


Tecworks team delivered this project on time and on budget with minimal disruption to home owners.

  • 342 homes
  • 24 800 m of fibre
  • 864 fibre splices


Faircape Group are renowned for the their high quality services including retirement villages, communication services including internet services, surveillance services and property management services amongst others.

Fibre (M)
Fibre Splices